Gerwin Winter

lives in Germany. After studying pharmacy at LMU in Munich, he has enjoyed an international career in the pharmaceutical indus- try. Gerwin Winter founded „SAIL in Bhutan e. V.“ in 2018.

Franz Stuckenberger

lives in Germany. He studied pharmacy at LMU in Munich and runs his own pharmacy in Bavaria. He also has a degree in building biology and supports SAIL with a lot of passion.

Behsad Zomorodi

lives in Switzerland. He studied economics, enjoyed an international career in the pharmaceutical indus- try and then founded the Pharmax company, where he serves as CEO.

Frank Rotmann

lives in Switzerland. He studied economics and after an international career in innovative pharma industry founded his own company PharmaAND with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Kira Winter

lives in France. She is study- ing arts and psychology at the American university in Paris and has internation- al experience with several social projects in India and Ghana.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Siegel

lives in Germany. He started his own tax advising office 30 years ago and suc- cessfully supports several non-profit organizations with his expertise and en- gagement.

Prof. Dr. Katja Weisel

lives in Germany. She is mem- ber of the advisory board of the German Society of Hema- tology and Medical Oncology and a globally well-known hematologist and scientist with numerous pier reviewed publications in hematology.